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New Flea and Tick Product Available from Guelph Veterinarians!

By November 7, 2017 October 1st, 2019 blog

In late summer 2017, a new product to prevent fleas and ticks became available for cats: Bravecto for Cats is a topical or spot-on product that is applied to the skin on the back of the neck. It provides flea protection for 3 months and tick protection for 2-3 months. Flea protection for 3 months with one application is an exciting development for cat owners and veterinarians in Guelph!

At the Guelph Cat Clinic we have been seeing lots of pets with fleas after the wet summer of 2017. A single dose of Bravecto for all pets in the household may be enough to get rid of a flea problem. What could be easier?  And if you are just looking to prevent fleas on your cat in the summer/fall months, you can give a full summer of flea protection simply by applying Bravecto once in early June and again in early September.

Bravecto’s other benefit is that it kills ticks. While cats are immune to Lyme disease, which is the most serious tick-borne disease for people and dogs, it is still nice to know that Bravecto will kill ticks shortly after they bite a cat.  Up until now, Guelph veterinarians have not had a good product to prevent ticks on cats. Bravecto is an exciting new flea and tick prevention product that Guelph veterinarians can add to our “arsenal” of products in the fight against external parasites. Please contact us at the Guelph Cat Clinic for more information on Bravecto.

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