Keeping your cat’s teeth and gums healthy plays an important role in their overall life and longevity. Dental disease, which can lead to a number of other more serious medical conditions, is among the most commonly diagnosed conditions in cats. It’s easily preventable through routine veterinary dental care. Not only does good dental health reduce or eliminate bad breath, but it can also help keep your cat’s whole body healthier.

At Guelph Cat Clinic, we take your cat’s oral health seriously and we offer a wide range of veterinary dental services for our clients. To achieve good dental health, we also recommend:

  • Starting at 6 months of age (once the adult teeth are in), feed a dental diet such as Hill’s T/D, Medi-Cal Dental or Hill’s Healthy Advantage.
  • Teach your cat to have its teeth brushed at a young age. We’d be happy to show you how. An excellent video on tooth brushing is available here.
  • Use a water additive that fights dental plaque, such as Healthy Mouth.
  • Annual examinations of the teeth and mouth. For patients of Guelph Cat Clinic, this is part of each cat’s annual check-up.