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Happy Turkey Day!

By October 7, 2016 October 1st, 2019 blog

Thanksgiving is almost here! Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends gather around the table to give thanks for plentiful foods. Though this is a busy time of the year, it is important for pet owners to take some precautionary measures to help their feline friends enjoy a safe Thanksgiving season. Guelph veterinarians offer the following safety tips, especially if your cat is intent on joining you and yours at the Thanksgiving table.

Prevent your Cat from Straying from their Normal Diet

Meals served at Thanksgiving are different than our normal diets. We all know that tummy upsets can be the aftermath of overindulgence and the same is true for pets! Therefore, it is best to only serve our feline friends their normal daily diet for their thanksgiving feast.

If you really want to help your cat celebrate Thanksgiving, small amounts of lean white meat are adequate.  It is important to be sure your pet does not get access to the skin and bones of the turkey carcass. Should your cat ingest a turkey bone, you need to monitor carefully for vomiting or lack of appetite over the next few days. Contact your Guelph veterinarian if this continues longer than 24 hours.

Give your Pet Some Privacy!

If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home, remember how disruptive this can be for your pet. Cats are creatures of routine and any upset in that routine may thrown them off their daily schedule for eating, sleeping and toileting. If your pet seems worried when guests arrive, it is best to provide a quiet area for them in a room with a closed door. Don’t forget to put food, water and a litter box in the room too!

If you are travelling with your pet, consult your veterinarian for travel tips. Previous blogs about getting your cat used to a cat carrier, and pet boarding can be found on our website.

At the destination, your cat should be given a quiet room with litter and water, behind a closed door while you give them time to adjust to the new environment.

Dr. Maggs and staff the Guelph Cat Clinic wish you and your pet a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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