New Flea and Tick Product Available from Guelph Veterinarians!

In late summer 2017, a new product to prevent fleas and ticks became available for cats: Bravecto for Cats is a topical or spot-on product that is applied to the skin … Read More »

Fleas: Not Just a Concern for Outdoor Cats

It is that time of year again. The snow and ice have thawed from winter and spring is in the air. Outdoor temperatures are beginning to rise and flowers and … Read More »

Prevent Fleas and Ticks from Taking a Bite from your Cat: Advice from your Guelph Veterinary Clinic for Cats

      Spring is in the air and the fresh air of spring brings growth and new beginnings. Animals awaken from their winter sleep and fresh buds form on the trees. … Read More »

Don’t forget flea and heartworm prevention for your cat this summer!

Beware! They are coming! Wingless and with mouths designed to pierce the skin and suck blood, fleas are a major cause of skin disease and other illnesses in cats. Also … Read More »

Guelph Vet Clinic recommends flea and heartworm prevention for all outdoor cats

The warmer weather doesn’t just mean sunshine and flowers.  Spring also marks the start of flea season in Guelph. Flea season is part of parasite season which poses many risks … Read More »