Need someone to watch your kitty while you’re away? Leave them with the cat care experts at Guelph Cat Clinic!

When your cat comes to stay with us while you are away, we do our best to make the experience like your cat’s very own vacation. Our Kitty Condos provide a relaxed and spacious environment for your feline companion. We have designed our cages with cats in mind. There is a special perch for sleeping and lots of room to move around and we implement playtime for every cat each day.

Cats from different families are not allowed to intermingle, but are offered playtime on an individual basis. Cats with medical conditions like diabetes receive the added benefit of veterinary supervision during their stay in the Kitty Condos. In fact, we specialize in boarding cats with medical issues who are on medication or diabetics taking insulin.


The boarding facilities at Guelph Cat Clinic feature lots of special cat furniture with climbers and hiding places. The condo area has a garden window so that your cat can sit in the sun and watch the world go by. We also have live birds, offering 24-hour entertainment. Our feline guests really enjoy coming to stay with us, and we love having them!

Cats that are coming to stay as guests in our Kitty Condos must have current vaccination status (vaccinations within the past 12 months) for rabies and respiratory viruses.

When you can’t be there to stay with your cat, let the caring and compassionate staff of Guelph Cat Clinic do it for you! We look forward to welcoming your feline companion as a guest to our Kitty Condos soon. We’re confident they will feel right at home. Meals are served twice daily, and consist of either Medi-Cal Royal Canin Weight Control or Hill’s T/D Diet. We are happy to feed any special diets that you wish to bring along. And don’t hesitate to bring any of your cat’s favourite blankets or toys to make them feel more at home during their stay.