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Cat grooming doesn’t have to be a fuss. Just follow these tips from our professional cat groomers!

Cats vary greatly in their need for grooming. For example, long-haired cats have more trouble with knots forming in their hair than short-haired cats. Young cats are more flexible than older cats and can get to those hard-to-reach spots more efficiently to keep themselves clean.

Fortunately, most of the cats I meet daily at my animal hospital for cats in Guelph need very little in the way of grooming.  Cat’s innate cleanliness means they look after themselves very well.

 For those cats, usually with long hair, that does need some human help to keep their coats beautiful, here are some pointers from the cat groomers at our clinic. 

Our Professional Cat Grooming Tips:

Try to make your cat feel comfortable with being groomed
  • Make grooming fun if you can. Start when your cat is very young and teach them that after short grooming sessions a pleasant reward will follow (this could be a treat or a fun game).
  • Keep sessions short. Keep an eye out for signs your cat has just had enough such as flattening of the ears.
  • Get your cat used to having its whole body touched.  The areas that cause the greatest difficulty for owners to groom are the feet and the underside of the body. When your cat is relaxed and feeling cuddly,   gently touch these areas, for just a few seconds, to get your cat used to the experience. Especially with the feet, try to increase your handling over time to the point that you could hold the paw for 5-10 seconds. This is very useful should you want to trim your cat’s nails.
Be sure you have the right equipment
  • groomingHave a variety of brushes and combs. Some brushes are great at picking up loose hair ( zoom groom is a good example) and have very soft bristles that can be pleasant for your cat. These can be used daily to reduce hair around the house. But if knots are starting to form, combs with longer teeth are better at getting under the knot so you can gently pull it out. It is so much easier to get knots out when they are still small!
  • Cat nail trimmers are different than dog nail trimmers; they look like little scissors and allow you to see exactly where the quick (blood supply) in the nail ends so you can avoid it.
Be mindful of your pet’s overall health
  • Make use of any visits your cat makes to your animal hospital for checkups to also get your cats nails trimmed and small knots removed. For long haired cats, a quick shave of the hair around the bum can be useful to help your cat keep itself cleaner. At my animal hospital in Guelph, free nail trims for 1 year are included in our Wellness plan.
  • If there is a sudden change in the way your cat’s coat looks, be on the lookout for health problems. If a cat is not feeling well, they decrease their grooming and coat care and their coat will start to look greasy and tufty. The coat is a very sensitive indicator of a cat’s overall health!

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