About Us

Here at the Guelph Cat Clinic, we are cat fanatics!

We love that cats come in so many different sizes, colors and personalities and we think no household is really complete without a feline family member.

We also know that bringing your cat to the vet can be a challenge! And sadly, because of that, many cats don’t see a vet as often as they should.

So, at the Guelph Cat Clinic we have tried to think of everything we could to make your cat’s vet visit as stress-free as possible. For example:

  •  Longer appointments focus on physical well-being and preventive medicine
  • Birds in the exam room offer distraction and entertainment for cats
  • Use of the stress reducing feline pheromone Feliway, if needed
  • Slow, gentle handling
  • Specially designed examination rooms that minimize patient anxiety
  • No dog noise!

For you at home, here is a link to a great article and videos about acclimatizing your cat to a carrier for travelling, including to the vet. http://www.veterinarypartner.com/Content.plx?P=A&A=3330

We are certain the reason why over 5000 of Guelph’s cat owners have chosen the Guelph Cat Clinic as their veterinary clinic is because we take the time to focus on each cat as an individual and develop a care plan with each cat’s needs in mind.

Your cat really does deserve to come to a clinic that specializes in only cats!

We look forward to meeting your special kitty!