Staff Pet Spotlight: Bagels

By October 6, 2021 blog


Age: 4 ½

Adoption Story: My family has always had a family cat in the household. Once our cat Puddy passed away, after a long period of time, my family decided it was time to get another cat and that’s when Bagels came into my life. Bagels was adopted out to my family as a kitten from Kingston and we’ve been inseparable since.

Favourite activities: If Bagels could sleep 24 hours a day, he would. He loves to curl up in a ball on my pillow and stay there for hours and once in a while will get up for some play time. Occasionally, he will have bursts of energy and run around the room like crazy, scratch at doors and knock things over! His favourite time to do this is 4-5 am, which is also my favourite (not really). Bagels also enjoys cuddling with his human and loves to give her kisses on the cheek and nose.

Health issues: Since Bagels was a kitten; he has been healthy and happy. Other than his regular checkups with the vet, he hasn’t been to a vet with any health concerns which is very fortunate. He can be quite the picky eater though so keeping an eye on his weight is my main priority in maintaining his health. As my family and I love to travel, Bagels spends a lot of time boarding so he’s very familiar to trips to the vet! Bagels also doesn’t mind car rides unlike most cats.

Why my pet is THE BEST!: Bagels has learned his name and will come to his human as soon as she calls. He knows some tricks such as sitting on his hind legs while eating kibble out of your hand. He also knows how to sit on command and he loves when people hold his paw.

Up to no good!: There have been many times where I have found Bagels in very unusual places. I found him sleeping in my laundry hamper, in my duffle bag, on top of my dresser and many other places in my room. I have also found Bagels in my desk cabinet one time as I left it open by accident. After sleeping all day, late at night Bagels decides it’s the perfect time to play. He will jump on my stomach and play with his toys throughout the night.

Bagels can be quite the handful at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so grateful Bagels came into my life and I look forward to many more crazy late night shenanigans with him.


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