Staff Pet Spotlight: Lady

By August 12, 2020 blog

This installment written by Michelene.

Age: 10 years

Adoption story: Lady was adopted from the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society. I had originally intended to look at another cat, but Lady demanded I looked at her! We formed an instant bond that has lasted throughout our relationship.

Favourite activities: Lady loves catnip! She will roll and play with one of our downtown Guelph clinic’s special catnip pouches until she tears a hole in it. She also enjoys stretching out on the bed anytime the sheets are being changed – bonus points if she can get under the fitted sheet!

Health issues: I have been lucky in regards to Lady’s good health over the years; however, she has had some issues pop up as she ages. Lady was diagnosed with IBD (irritable bowel disease) via and abdominal ultrasound and is thankfully doing well on a regular dose of prednisolone. Lady also had a dental procedure performed due to a fractured tooth. We expected a few teeth to come out but after some x-rays it was clear she needed more. She ended up with 8 extractions! I have since kept her on a veterinary dental diet and the remaining teeth look great!

Why Lady is the best: Lady has such a sweet disposition and captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Lady is the cat that converted my husband into a cat lover! 

Up to no good: Lady loves food and sometimes will help herself. She used to chew holes in food bags to have a snack… or second meal. Any food left by her sister will never go bad, as Lady is an opportunity snacker. All food is now stored in a secure closer that she has no access to. lady would also chew holes in blinds large enough for her to fit through and sit in the window. As a result, I longer have blinds!

Lady is a very special cat and I look forward to many more years together with the help of the veterinarians and fellow associates here at the Guelph Cat Clinic!

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