Molly – Happiness and Morale Officer

By February 20, 2020 blog

Molly joined our team in July of 2019, her sweet disposition making her an instant hit with both the staff and our customers.  She quickly redecorated the doctors’ office, whose desks are now covered with cat toys and fluffy blankets, into something more jovial and homey.  In no time, she earned herself a promotion as the Happiness and Morale Officer of the clinic.

Molly claims no formal training for her charms, and believes that all her skills come to her naturally.  When greeting someone, she performs her signature move the “Molly Floops” and gives them the opportunity to rub her tummy should they choose to.  

Although she won’t admit it, Molly has a weakness for catnip and sometimes sneaks off with a fresh catnip pouch snatched from the front counter.  Her favorite toy is a little blue mouse that a customer knitted just for her! Despite all her hard work, she is sometimes found napping on the couch in the staff room!

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