Safety Tips to Ensure Your Cat has a Happy Christmas Season: Advice from a Guelph Animal Hospital

Christmas is just around the corner.  The food and decorations that are a festive part of the magical season of Christmas, can pose as a danger to our pets.  And, although also a busy time of the year, it is important pet owners employ a few precautionary measures to ensure their feline friends have a happy and safe holiday. Animal Hospitals in Guelph offer the following safety tips, especially if your cat is intent on joining you and yours at the Christmas table.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your Ornaments are History

Even though our cats too enjoy gazing into the sparkling ornaments that hang from the Christmas tree, the decorationMiniMeChristmass and the Christmas tree itself can be a hazard to our feline friends. Christmas tree needles can be toxic to cats if ingested and can cause mouth and stomach irritation. Even the needles and wiring from artificial Christmas trees can pose a risk if ingested. The tree decorations can also pose to be a safety risk to our cats during the Christmas season. Many Christmas tree ornaments are made from glass and many kitties are tempted to knock ornaments off of the tree. The broken glass ornaments can cause cuts to the paw pads of our feline friends and a trip to the emergency clinic. Always avoid using tinsel as a decoration on the Christmas tree. In a cat’s eye, tinsel appears to be an attractive shiny new toy. If your cat ingests any of the tinsel decorations, it can cause intestinal blockages that require surgery to remove and another trip to a Guelph Emergency Clinic. 

Use Caution when Placing Wrapped Gifts under the Christmas Tree

The spirit of Christmas is in the air when we see gifts placed under the tree. Like us, cats love all the boxes, ribbons and bows that are a part of Christmas. Many cats will try to unwrap and play with the gifts that are already placed under the tree and therefore we must keep a close eye on our feline friends. Ribbons, bows and other wrapping items can cause intestinal obstruction if ingested by your curious kitty. This may lead to your cat needing surgery to remove the ingested material. So, remember when presenting a Christmas gift to your cats, always remove the ribbons and bows first.

Prevent your cat from Indulging in Foods that are Not Part of his or her Normal Diet

Meals served at Christmas are often much richer than our own normal diets. These foods, if consumed by our feline friends, may cause the same stomach proCatandTurkeyblems that we people are susceptible to.

Prevent your Cat from Having Access to the Christmas Turkey

Although turkey itself is safe for your cat to eat, turkey bones can cause internal damage. Ensure that your cat does not have access to the turkey carcass or bones. Although excellent emergency animal hospitals exist in Guelph, you do not want your cat to spend Christmas at one.  

Avoid Gravy, Stuffing, or Other Foods that Contain Onions or Garlic

Your holiday meal served at Christmas usually contains either onions or garlic or sometimes both. Onions and garlic are both toxic to your cat. Even onion powder is not safe for cats to consume. Onions and garlic destroy red blood cells and this can be quite harmful to our feline friends.  

Avoid Your Cat from Indulging in Holiday Desserts and Treats

Holiday desserts are usually very high fat and have a large sugar content that may upset your kitty’s tummy. Also, many holiday desserts and treats are made with chocolate, which can be toxic to cats.

Your Cat will be Thankful this Christmas if Given a Sanctuary

Many cats become very stressed during Christmas as a result of the number of visitors that gather in the home to celebrate. To help your kitty feel less stressed, a sanctuary room can be created. Set up a separate room with a litter box, food and some of your cats’ favourite toys. Ensure that your holiday visitors do not enter the sanctuary room and cause stress to your cat.


Dr. Maggs and the staff at the Guelph Cat Clinic, your Guelph animal hospital devoted to cats, hope that these safety tips will help you and your cats have a happy and safe holiday season!!     

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