Our Careteam


Registered Veterinary Technician

Mason, a 2014 Registered Veterinary Technician graduate of the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus, joined the Guelph Cat Clinic in November of 2015. Prior to joining the Guelph Cat Clinic team, Mason, who has a B.Sc. (Biology) also from the University of Guelph, has worked in the radiology department of the Ontario Veterinary College as well as an exotic and small animal clinic in Waterloo. Always having an interest in feline medicine, Mason is finding the Guelph Cat Clinic a “purr-fect” fit.

Currently, Mason shares his home with his eight-year-old cat, Kiki, who was found on the University of Guelph Campus. Oustide of the clinic, Mason is training in competitive kickboxing and plans to compete at both the local and provincial levels. In addition to kickboxing, Mason also enjoys rock climbing and cooking, as well as playing video games. 

Photo of  Mason


Registered Veterinary Technician

Michelene graduated as a veterinary technician  from the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus in 2015 and joined the Guelph Cat Clinic team in the spring of 2017. It was as a mature student that Michelene, who always facinated by animals, attended the program and truly discovered her passion was really directed towards feline medicine.

In her spare time, Michelene enjoys Table Top Role Playing games such as Dungeon’s and Dragons, as well as playing video games. She and her husband share their home with two rescue cats: Lady and Stormageddon, and their mixed breed dog: Sabine. 

Photo of  Michelene



Anne joined the Guelph Cat Clinic team as a receptionist in autumn of 2001. As a previous small business owner, Anne has a wealth of experience in customer service.  She enjoys hearing all about the nine lives of our feline patients and how their people have become cat enablers. She also likes to ensure the five-star treatment of our Kitty Condo boarders.

Now that her two sons are grown and off at university, Anne and her husband share their home with 2 cats; 8 year old Fraidy Cat and his 4 year old feline friend, Purrsia. In her spare time, she enjoys photography and is currently studying part-time to complete a degree in social sciences at the University of Guelph.

Photo of  Anne



Cheryl joined our team as a receptionist and animal care aide in January 2009. She has four cats: Calvin, Leo, Guinness and Willy. Cheryl has a B.Sc. (Biology), B.A.hon. (Psychology & Neuroscience) and M.Sc. (Biomedical Science) from the University of Guelph. She also works at the university part time as a laboratory technician. Some of her other hobbies include playing hockey, fish keeping, playing with children, baking cheesecakes, knitting and sewing sock monkeys.

Photo of  Cheryl


Clinic Cat

Timmy joined us in December 2008, when his owner, a long-time client, passed away suddenly. He has taken up permanent residence as the King of the Kitty Condos, and supervises the vacationing cats staying with us when the rest of the staff has gone home for the night. He also enjoys helping out at the reception desk, and you can see him most days in his favourite spot – on the counter where everyone can admire him and give him a scratch.

Timmy has been diabetic since 2008 and bravely takes insulin injections twice a day. He is also a real foodie and loves to be around when the staff is feeding the guests of the Kitty Condos, just in case a crumb of food should happen to fall on the floor!

Photo of  Timmy